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  • Four4BIT Animation Studio

    Our Project! Welcome to Four4BIT Animation Studio Website! Please make sure to subscribe for updates! Be the first to know when we launch and get early access to our best media before everyone else does! Subscribe Thanks for subscribing! Latest News! Four4BIT Animation Studio Four4bit Creative Spotlight Featuring Alex Blain 100$ or a Mystery Box? Be our guest! Let's Get Social! New open positions! All News! Get to Know Us! About Subscribe . Subscribe Thanks for subscribing! You won't regret it! :)

  • FAQ | Four4BIT

    FAQ Do you have a physical Studio? Not at the moment. We're a virtual studio, bringing together talent from all over the globe to collaborate on our project! Where can I see your animation or published content? As we're still in the creation phase, our animation and content are not yet available. Stay tuned for updates as we bring our unique vision to life! Want to chat? Have a question or just want to say hi? Click the chat icon on the right to connect with us! If you want to contact in a more formal way, we have a page that made just for that! - Contact us! How can I invest? Interested in joining our journey? Reach out to us through our contact page, and let's explore potential investment opportunities together! Another option is to send us an email right here! Do you accept submission requests? While we appreciate creativity, we're currently unable to accept submission requests. Check out our job openings instead – we'd love to have you onboard! What is Four4BIT Animation Studio working on? We're currently working on "VorteX" – an epic animation and comic series! Stay tuned for the adventure! What is the Mission of Four4BIT Animation Studio? Our mission is to sprinkle joy and inspiration through animation! Join us, and let's create something magical together! Learn more by clicking here! What is the Vision of Four4BIT Animation Studio? Our vision is to empower individuals through storytelling deeply rooted in Jewish Psychology, fostering tolerance and inspiring wise choices. Learn more by clicking here! What values guide Four4BIT Animation Studio's work? Optimism, quality, passion, creativity, teamwork, and innovation drive our studio. We're here to spread positivity through animation! Learn more by clicking here! What are your Privacy Policy details? For information regarding our Privacy Policy, including how we collect, use, and protect your data, please visit the Privacy Policy section located at the bottom of our website, or just click here. Where can I find your Terms and Conditions? Our Terms and Conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of our website. You can find them in the Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of our website or just click here. Do you have a Cookie Policy? Yes, we do! Our Cookie Policy provides information about the use of cookies on our website and how they impact your browsing experience. You can review our Cookie Policy in the dedicated section at the bottom of our website or just click here. Job Inquiries Want to join our squad? Check out our career opportunities and bring your talent to the table. We're excited to have you on board! Trust us, it'll be worth it. [Careers]. Press Inquiries Media folks, we're here to chat! Shoot us a message right here, and we'll get back to you with the scoop on Four4BIT Animation Studio! Can't Find Your Answer? Lost in space? Don't worry! Reach out, and we'll help you out. Our team is here to ensure you have a magical experience on our website! You can use the chat icon on the right side of the screen, and you can try to find what you are looking for on our Site Map. © Copyright - Four4BIT Animation Studio - We worked very hard to make it happen, so please do not copy our media :)

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    Careers Come work with us! At Four4BIT Animation Studio, we are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join our team. If you are interested in exploring job opportunities with us, please submit your resume and portfolio through our website. Our virtual studio is home to a diverse and skilled team of animators, designers, and storytellers who are dedicated to creating innovative and engaging content. If you have a love for animation and a desire to make a positive impact on the world through your work, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our team! Position I agree to the terms & condisions Apply Thank you! We'll be in touch! Concept Artist Remote View Job CEO & FOUNDER Elad O. Eyni As the founder and CEO, my journey began in the world of music, where I discovered the profound ability of art to transcend language and unite people in shared emotion. Inspired by this revelation, I set out on a quest to create a platform where storytelling becomes the bridge that connects hearts and minds. Here at Four4BIT, we don't just believe in teamwork; we live and breathe it. Led by a common goal, we work like a well-oiled machine, each contributing our own special ingredient to the mix. From brainstorming sessions to late-night editing marathons, we're bound together by our love for spreading positivity through storytelling, animation, and inspiring ourselves and others to discover their hidden powers. So if you're passionate about storytelling, if you thrive in a dynamic and collaborative environment, if you're ready to unleash your creativity and be part of something extraordinary, what are you waiting for? Join us now! Sincerely, Elad Ovadia Eyni At Four4BIT Animation Studio, we're not just a team; we're a symphony of creativity, each member bringing their unique melody to the table. Picture this: a motley crew of artists, storytellers, and dreamers, coming together to compose a masterpiece that resonates with hearts worldwide. Our Team

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  • Jon Densk - Four4BIT Creative Spotlight

    Four4BIT Animation Studio is excited to present our latest ' Four4BIT Creative Spotlight ' featuring our fifth guest! The traditional Hand-Drawn Animator Jon (Jonathan) Densk! With collaborations including Disney, Warner Bros., Pixar, and PASSION Paris, Jon is making waves in the animation industry. If you follow animation on social media, you may already know him from his original short film "Axolodyssey". In this exclusive interview, Jon shares his journey, challenges, and insights. Get ready to be inspired by Jon’s story! Hi Jon! Thank you for joining us today. We’re thrilled to have you for a special interview on Four4BIT Creative Spotlight! Your work in animation is truly inspiring. From Disney's " Disenchanted " to WB's " Space Jam: A New Legacy ", “ Bjorn the Last Unicorn ” directed by Tom Bancroft, to your original short film “ Axolodyssey ”, and so much more – your journey and dedication to the craft of hand-drawn animation are impressive and uplifting! Let's start at the beginning. What ignited your passion for diving headfirst into the vibrant world of animation, and how did you get started in the industry? That is actually a funny story.. I was never actually aspiring to be an animator growing up. I'm not even sure I fully knew what it was. I knew what cartoons were but I never understood what went into making them. I wanted to be a Comicbook artist. I was, and still love, Comicbooks like Bone , Garfield , Calvin and hobbes . It wasn't until I entered college that I was introduced into the world of animation properly. I did one test and I got immediately bit by the bug, as they say, and never looked back. However, years later I remembered I actually did some Animation in High school in cartooning class, and from what my old teacher had told me, I was the only one in class who was any good at it haha! It was meant to be, I suppose. That's actually a very unique path that led you into the animation industry! It sounds like it was meant to be! Could you share one of your favorite or most memorable projects you've worked on and what made it so special for you? I would say, even though I've worked for dream studios like Disney , WB , and Pixar , I would say my current favorite and most memorable project was the latest I was on, which is “ Moonlit Bamboo Forest ” done with PASSION Paris . I really learned a lot with them, felt like I was challenged 24/7, and loved the crew. Not to mention I had become a father 3 days before joining too haha! Talk about multitasking. "Moonlit Bamboo Forest - HoYoFair " Wow! That's a fantastic and exciting project! And 'Mazel Tov' on becoming a father! We would love to hear some insights into the creative process behind "Moonlit Bamboo Forest. This project was Directed very well by David Pagaille , so every shot was pretty thought out before I even touched it, however, whenever I approach a shot, I always put myself in the character's shoes and lose myself for a few hours! I'll act out sitting in my chair the same thing over and over until I feel like I feel the shot enough to scribble it out.  That's fascinating! Working with David must have been an incredible experience; he’s so professional and talented. And your dedication to understanding the character truly brings your work to life, we can definitely feel it in the final result! Jon, your passion for traditional Animation is truly inspiring! We're intrigued by your process of creating the original short film "Axolodyssey". First, could you share what this project is about? The film is about Jojo , a lone axolotl on a journey to find his family. His only lead is a flyer for a pet store, selling axolotl. He's so desperate he'd ask anyone, even a bug to show him the way to the store. He encounters new friends as well as some not so friendly, giant creatures… :) "Axolodyssey - The Movie Trailer" That sounds like a beautiful adventure! Where did the inspiration for this idea come from? The idea came to me almost all at once in 2020 one night. It was subconsciously written off my experience of being forced to not see my family for almost 2 years during the pandemic. Why an axolotl? I don't really know! I drew Jojo and watercolor’d him, Than the story just came to me. At this time too, I was being introduced to Studio Ghibli and realized how much I connected with their way of storytelling and articulate animation. I was overwhelmingly inspired to take what I've learned and tell my own story. I also was very inspired by the greenery in my neighborhood haha, lots of walks, lots of observation. "Jon Densk's - Axolodyssey - Short film - (Layout)" That's actually a very inspiring example of something positive emerging from a challenging time! This project is truly captivating! We would love to hear more about the creative process behind bringing this adventure to life! A lot of people write a script first for their films, but I typically let an idea settle in my mind for a little while, thinking about it when I go out and about in my life. Images come to my mind and even sometime animated shots. So being that I thought up I'd say 75% of the film in one night, I just started storyboarding it. I didn't write a script, I wrote it as I boarded. Your process is incredibly intriguing and unique! Creating a traditional hand-drawn short film independently must come with its own set of challenges. Could you share a particularly challenging experience you've encountered during this process and how you navigated through it? There's a few things, Time , Money and a Strong Team . Animation really is a painful hassle. It takes forever. So that's always a challenge. I end up typically working 8am to 11pm myself. Monetarily, I have the worst budget on the planet. We almost were funded with a Kickstarter I ran last year but fell short at the last minute. So luckily, I have friends who want to help just see this get made. Both of these things fall flat to a strong team however. Finding animators and artists that fit the style isn't always easy. But they're out there! It's certainly challenging, but having such creative and supportive friends invested in bringing Jojo's Adventure to life is truly inspiring! We're eagerly looking forward to seeing the final short film when it's ready! In your social media presence, viewers can see breakdowns of scenes you’ve created, offering a behind-the-scenes look at your animation process. What inspired you to share these posts, and what benefits do you believe viewers gain from seeing these detailed breakdowns? I think young and seasoned animators can benefit from seeing how other artists work. Its fun and inspirational. So I always like sharing how I work visually, plus I like seeing scribbly lines move. What are your thoughts and insights on using platforms like Instagram to showcase your artwork and creative process as an artist? Well its definitely helped my life out a lot. Im not really a fan of social media but I can say without a doubt I wouldn't be here without it today. Its really nice and inspiring to see other artists work and get exposed to things I wouldn't otherwise. It also serves as an editable 24/7 portfolio too so for up and coming artists it's easier now to get recognized than it probably ever was. "Axolodyssey - Animation Breakdown" Amazing! Reflecting on your great experience, what key skills or techniques would you recommend aspiring traditional animators to focus on developing? Animating truly from your heart, not to steal Glen Keane's line, and to focus on draftsmanship. I never understood what animating from the heart felt like until I started diving deep into my own projects, crafting my own worlds.. my own set of people.. You have to put your life experience and heart into those things. So if you can feel it in your heart, it comes out on the paper very easy. Plus, solid drawing is always important. And thats a struggle everyone deals with, including me. "Bjorn The Last Unicorn - Pencilish Show - Episode 1" That's incredibly significant! It's truly inspiring that this perspective arose from your involvement in developing your own personal projects and ideas. Now, what advice would you offer to individuals who are just starting out in the animation industry? Don't give up. It is hard, and daunting for everyone. Just know your own capacity and do what you need to do to continue. Beautiful! Regarding your other projects, we've noticed your significant involvement in writing an original comic book ("The Great Hollow"), being involved in creating the music for "Axolodyssey," and working on another feature film! Could you share how these projects fit into your schedule and creative journey? Additionally, what keeps you creatively inspired and motivated in your work? Actually, my friend Kennoniah  who rocks created the music! And that's a great question. I think I must have a problem. I just feel I have well of stories to tell. I've always wanted to have my own comic series (The Great Hollow), which I've renamed FLEA by the way! But I'm really turning my focus on animated features. It just has become what I love making. If you think I am handling a lot, you should see the film idea list I have on my phone haha! The feature film I've been developing is very important to me. That takes up a lot of my brain space. Haha, that's fantastic! It sounds like creativity runs deep with you. We're excited to see your vision unfold with your animated features and FLEA comic series! Looking ahead, where do you see yourself in a couple of years as you continue to advance in your career and pursue your passion for animation? Ideally, I would be working on my own production. But I'm only 27 and there's a lot of years still ahead of me so I am waiting impatiently for that day to start haha. I would love to direct a film at the least! But being that I am so passionate about my own projects, I know I'll be working on them one way or another ha. That sounds like an exciting journey ahead, Jon! It's clear that you have big dreams and a strong drive to bring your own projects to life! Moving forward, what changes or additions do you believe the industry needs right now? I can say so much about this.. Haha. I think America really needs to let hand-drawn animation happen again. It's gone on long enough at this point, and I don't really see an excuse anymore, personally. I also think a lot of animated films are to angled at marketing or already established IP. That's a compelling perspective! Bringing a stronger focus on hand-drawn animation would indeed infuse the industry with a unique charm and artistry, especially considering the technology available today! Now, as we strive to spread positivity and inspiration through our work, we believe in the power of each individual's voice to make a difference! Jon, the stage is yours to illuminate the world with your message of positivity. What would you like to say? I believe that people are not inherently good or bad but human nature is inherently complex. One of my favorite lyrics by Neil Peart is " in the sweetest child there is a vicious streak, in the strongest man theres a child so weak ". I think if people took the effort to look at others as a fellow individual, people would realize we are all not so different. This belief is one of the reasons I identify so strong with how Hyao Miyazaki views “Villians” in his films. That's a beautiful message! Finally, what exciting projects or endeavors can we look forward to from you in the future?  I have a few Disney Lorcana cards coming out at some point, but other than that I am working on Axolodyssey , Flea and my film every day. Jon, thank you so much for sharing your fascinating journey and insights with us today. Your passion and commitment to hand-drawn animation are truly inspiring. It's evident that your creative drive and unique perspective will continue to shape the future of animation. We eagerly anticipate the incredible projects you'll bring to life, including Axolodyssey, your feature film, and Flea. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors, and thank you once again for enlightening us with your experiences and thoughts. All the best to you! Jon Densk's Website  | Kickstarter  | LinkTree You can also find Jon Densk on social media such as : Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Linkedin | TikTok | | Patreon Love the Interview? Let us know on the comments! Think you have something to share? Want to be featured on Four4BIT Animation Studio's Creative Spotlight ? Submit for an interview right: Here And... For more exclusive interviews, news, and basically If you like our content and want to see more, don't forget to follow us on Social Media! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter X | YouTube

  • Felipe Almeida - Four4BIT Creative Spotlight

    Four4BIT Animation Studio is excited to present our latest 'Four4BIT Creative Spotlight' featuring Traditional Animator Felipe Almeida! With collaborations including AppleTV, Warner Bros., Netflix and Disney, Felipe shares his journey, challenges, and insights. Get ready to be inspired by Felipe’s story! Hi Felipe! Thank you for joining us today. We’re thrilled to have you for a special interview on Four4BIT Creative Spotlight! Your work in animation is absolutely incredible and inspiring. From AppleTV's Peanuts Specials (Snoopy!) to WB's upcoming Looney Tunes movie "The Day the Earth Blew Up", Disney’s "Disenchanted", "101 Dalmatian Street", "Trolls", "Carmen Sandiego", "My Little Pony: The Movie", and so many more(!) – your contributions are truly impressive and inspiring! Let's start at the beginning. What sparked your interest in animation and how did you get started in the industry? Hi, first of all, thanks for having me. I grew up in Brazil in the early 90’s and watching cartoons was a big escapism from how difficult life was at that time, and for some reason, in that same period, Anime's were really present on TV, so my earliest memories of being obsessed with Animation was me as a kid watching Saint Seyia and Rurouni Kenshin. I couldn't even tell you when an actual decision was made, I just knew whatever that was (Anime), I wanted to be part of it since I can remember. My break into the industry was still back in Brazil, in 2010 I believe. I got a chance to work in a small studio in Rio de Janeiro, doing mainly those very simple preschool cut out shows, and slowly tried to polish my skills to get to what I always loved, which was Traditional Animation. Wow, that sounds absolutely fascinating, decisive, and inspiring! Could you share one of your favorite or most memorable projects you've worked on and what made it so special for you? Still back in Brazil, the second ever show I worked on was called ‘Yellow Woodpecker Ranch’, which was based on the work of a famous Brazilian author. That project to me marked an early time in my career where I was given a lot of freedom to learn and experiment, and that entire team was so united, it really taught me the meaning of working as a team. "Yellow Woodpecker Ranch - (Sitio do Picapau Amarelo) Animated Series" Fast Forward to 2016, when I moved to Canada and got to work on ‘My Little Pony - The Movie’, which was my official first feature film experience, working at an international level, with artists from all over the world, that really gave me a sense of how far I could go if I put my mind to it. After that, I would say breaking out on my own as a full time freelancer has been a really incredible experience. I have learned a new way to look into my career and see so many possibilities I wasn’t able to see before. I get to work with incredible studios and collaborate with amazing animators, and apart from the work itself, I was embraced by the freelance community and we are all constantly helping each other to learn and grow. I’m truly thankful for what I do and super excited for what comes next. "My Little Pony - The Movie Trailer" Your experience definitely reinforces the importance of teamwork and serves as a great inspiration to aspiring artists, showing that international opportunities and thriving as a freelancer are within reach in the animation industry. Thank you so much for sharing these insights, Felipe! Building on that, you've worked with various studios and projects in traditional animation, each with its own style. How do you adjust your animation style to suit the specific needs of different projects, teams, and studios? Well, that’s always a challenge. The best thing you can do is first, communicate a lot. If you need any supportive material to help you get the hang of a style, don’t wait, just ask. Get familiar with the model sheet of the characters, draw them as much as you can and always keep it close to your animation while you work, so you always have a solid reference to compare. And I can't stress this enough, work as a team player, ask the other artists how they solve those problems, and learn from other people’s experience. Absolutely! That's invaluable advice that will surely benefit many animators. Now, turning to your creative process, could you share what it looks like when you start a new project? I like to spend time at the start of anything I have to animate by doing prep work. By that I mean studying the model sheets, asking for as much direction as possible, planning my shots before really jumping into animation. I do a lot of real size thumbnails a lot (in the past artists would do tiny little drawings on a separate piece of paper for the same purpose, nowadays, working digitally, I like to see those thumbnails big on screen), just to get ideas out of my head, and try different things with fast loose drawings, before really committing with anything. "Carmen Sandiego - Official Trailer - Netflix" That's super interesting! Felipe, throughout your professional journey, you've assumed various roles in the animation industry. Your most recent position was as an Animation Supervisor for Apple TV's Peanuts specials. For those who may not be familiar, could you elaborate on the responsibilities associated with being an Animation Supervisor and why this role is crucial in the animation process? In short, the animation supervisor needs to provide the animation team with all the information they need in order to animate a successful shot, sometimes providing critique to their work so we are all moving in the same direction. My own take on that job also includes taking good care of my team, making sure they have a fair chance to do their best, giving them a balanced amount of work, recognizing each artist's strengths and playing to that. Making sure they have a safe work environment and a voice, sense of ownership is fundamental to make a strong team on any project. "The Snoopy Show - Peanuts - Apple TV" Absolutely! Your insights into the role of Animation Supervisor are truly enlightening. Your focus on recognizing each artist's strengths and ensuring a balanced workload really resonates with the importance of fostering a supportive team environment! Now, moving on, one of your most recognized works on social media is your collaboration with Lilly Wolters (@liliyth) on the pink-haired lady animation, which became super famous on Instagram! Could you share some insights into working on this piece, especially considering it has a "lineless look"? That was so fun, I’m a big fan of Lilly’s work and you all should go check out her art. To be fully honest, I didn’t have a plan for how to deal with the lineless look when I started animation. I was just so attracted to the feeling of freedom and relaxation that that piece had, all I was focusing on was trying to capture that vibe. Once animation was done, I used my tools to my favor. Toon Boom has a great tool inside the brush settings that allow you to mask whatever you draw inside a previous brush stroke, so I just colored the lines (which were in a separate layer) with the local colors using that option, and it made it look like there’s no lines, even though they are there. XD Haha! That's super cool and a really creative trick! Truly love it! The result is stunning, and it really emphasizes the importance of mastering your software tools to bring your artistic vision to life! Regarding that, how do you approach collaborations in general, and what are your thoughts and insights on using platforms like Instagram to showcase your artwork and creative process? For most of my career I didn’t share anything I did, mainly because I believed nobody was interested, and oh boy was I wrong. I recommend to any artist to put yourself out there as early as possible. If you feel like you’re not good enough yet, guess what, we all feel that way, and we all get better with time. Just start and let people see your progress. We are all recently trying to figure out this AI thing, and what that means for the work we put out there, I still don’t have an answer for that, like most of us I imagine, but aside from that, showing what you do to EVERYBODY can only empower your art, and give you a real sense of the value and reach of your personal work, and it creates a channel to showcase your own voice. That's so true and super inspiring answer! On another note, you recently announced that Toon Boom is sponsoring you after utilizing their software for over 14 years! That's incredible news! Could you tell us how you incorporate Toon Boom into your creative workflow, and how did this sponsorship opportunity come about? Toon Boom is an incredible tool for animation, and I'm not saying that only because I’m now sponsored, remember, I’ve used it for nearly 14 years prior to that happening. That example of how I handled the lineless look of that collab with Lilly showcases the great solutions that tool has to make your life easier. Working with nodes instead of infinite layers is really helpful to organize and visualize every element of what you’re working on, the camera system is incredibly simple and efficient, it’s great for puppets, it’s great for traditional animation, I’ve even done BGs 100% painted on Toon Boom, it has a great integration with 3D assets. It’s just an all around well built software, designed to attend all animation needs. The sponsorship came about in connection with what I was saying about the importance of putting your work out there. Toon Boom have been recently getting in touch with me for livestreams where they really just wanted to ask me questions about my personal work and overall approach to animation, and those invitations came from seeing what I was doing on Instagram. And those conversations and livestreams was what led to the partnership. That's fantastic to hear how deeply integrated Toon Boom has been in your creative journey! Your sponsorship story is truly inspiring and underscores the power of sharing your work and engaging with the community. It's exciting to see how these connections on platforms like Instagram can lead to meaningful partnerships! Now, shifting focus to your content on LinkedIn, Patreon, Gumroad, and Instagram, people can see breakdowns of scenes you’ve created and get a behind-the-scenes look at your animation process. What’s the story behind these kinds of posts, and what benefits do you think viewers gain from accessing these animation files? I’m in the process of creating my own community of people on Patreon, and my goal is just to put outhere the things I’ve learned over all those years in the animation industry. Back when I started, there wasn’t much info out there, specially in Brazil, so all I want is to provide what I wish I could have had access to when I was first trying to learn this thing, and of course, the more people support me there, that allows me to dedicate more and more time to sharing that knowledge. Something I used to do while learning animation, was to download old Disney pencil tests from places like DejaView (Andreas Deja’s blog), I would then import into Toon Boom as vector, meaning, I would import only the drawings with no BG (another great feature in Toon Boom), and that would allow me to re inbetween those shots, and try to learn from how the old masters would animate. By having access to actual animation files, you just skip all the time I used to spend trying to find images with good quality, that had the full performance from start to end, and that also didn’t cut off the timecharts, which at the end I also had at times to align them to make sure each frame was in the correct position. If you have someone’s animation file, you can just go ahead and isolate the keys, read the timecharts and do those studies with no headaches. That's such a noble goal and a super creative idea, Felipe! Building a community and providing access to the kind of information you wished you had starting out is truly impactful. Now, reflecting on your extensive experience, what key skills or techniques would you recommend aspiring traditional animators focus on developing? If you’re in the traditional side of the industry, drawing, drawing, drawing. Polish your drawing skills, learn how to draw characters that feel solid (muscles and bones that feel connected). Watch lots of movies, not just animation, get inspired by great performances, no matter where they come from. And go out and live a little, it’s hard to replicate life when you don’t experience life yourself. What advice would you offer to individuals who are just starting out in the animation industry? Be patient, communicate well, and share what you learn. If you wait too much or are afraid to ask questions, you’re only robbing yourself from learning. Also, the more you share, the more people will feel like sharing with you, and remember, animation is a team sport, and when everybody grows together, you also grow faster. An extra advice, be kind with people, animation is fun but also a really hard thing to do, nothing can be more helpful to someone struggling than being treated with kindness, and remember, we all WILL struggle at times, so spreading that kindness around can eventually come back to you when you need it. Your advice is not only practical but also deeply insightful for anyone entering the animation industry and a valuable reminder for those already in it. It's like discovering beautifully shaped diamonds! Thank you so much for sharing. Now, as we all encounter challenges in our careers, could you share a particularly difficult experience you've faced and how you navigated through it? The biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in my profession was being led by unkind, toxic people, who treated me and my team with anger and unfairness. It doesn’t happen a lot, but if it does, it can really drain your love for the craft. At the time, I didn’t know how to navigate through it, and it made a really big impact on me. I almost quit the industry altogether. What helped me after the fact, was surround myself with good people, and to remember that my work is not all I am, and there’s more to life than that, but most important, it made me appreciate the people who truly work as a team, and it made me work harder to create a healthy dynamic between me and everybody I work with, and to speak up when I see people being treated unfairly. "101 Dalmatian Street - Disney Channel" We truly appreciate your openness in sharing such a profound experience, Felipe. Navigating through challenges like that demands immense resilience and a strong sense of self-awareness. There are surely many who can sympathize with the difficult experiences you've faced, and your insights will undoubtedly bring light and hope to those who have encountered similar challenges in their careers. Now, as we strive to spread positivity and inspiration through our work, we believe in the power of each individual's voice to make a difference! Felipe, the stage is yours to illuminate the world with your message of positivity. What would you like to say? We only have one life, and it’s waaaay shorter then we all think it is. Use your time well, surround yourself with people that make your life better. Be kind and do what you love, and share as much as you can because we all could use the extra help =) Beautiful! And finally, what exciting projects or endeavors can we look forward to from you in the future? I’m just excited to have a space to share my work, and super appreciative to the fact people are enjoying it and supporting me. I hope I can make a lot more great fun animation, and get to work with more incredible artists. I would like to invite people who like my work to support me on Patreon, I’m hoping that this could allow me to produce my own short films in the future. Felipe, thank you so much for sharing your invaluable insights and experiences with us. Your journey and the wisdom you've imparted are truly inspiring. We greatly appreciate your time and willingness to collaborate! Your contributions not only enlighten us but also serve as a beacon of hope and guidance for animators and professionals in Brazil and all over the world! We hope for great success in your future projects, in building your community on Patreon, and in the creation of your own short film as you've mentioned. Thank you for being a part of this conversation and for illuminating our path with your positivity and expertise. We wish you all the best! "The Day the Earth Blew Up - A Looney Tunes Movie - Coming soon" Email for commissions or contact: You can also find Felipe Almeida on social media such as : (Links) Instagram | Patreon | Felipe Almeida Animation Files - Toon Boom harmony Files Love the Interview? Let us know on the comments! Think you have something to share? Want to be featured on Four4BIT Animation Studio's Creative Spotlight? Submit for an interview right: Here And... For more exclusive interviews, news, and basically If you like our content and want to see more, don't forget to follow us on Social Media! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter X | YouTube

  • Alex Blain - Four4BIT Creative Spotlight

    Four4BIT Animation Studio is thrilled to debut the first post of the 'Four4BIT Creative Spotlight' with a remarkable talent, Alex Blain! If you've scrolled through Instagram or Twitter, it's likely you've stumbled upon his breathtakingly brilliant work! Alex, a versatile artist, is making waves in animation, music, and children's books with his extraordinary skills. Today, he joins us to share insights into his creative journey, answer burning questions, and inspire us all with his message! Hey Alex! Your work is incredible! Could you share with us what initially ignited your passion for animation as a career, and how did you get started in the industry? Hi there! I really appreciate your kind words; they mean a lot to me, and I'm thrilled that you enjoy my work. One of my fondest childhood memories is watching "My Neighbor Totoro," directed by Miyazaki for Studio Ghibli. The film transported me to a magical world, captivating me with its colorful style and animation. As I grew older, my passion for animated films only intensified. I decided to pursue a career in this field and directed my studies accordingly, focusing on computer graphic animation (3D) while also dedicating my evenings and weekends to honing my drawing skills. After completing my education, finding a job proved challenging. I eventually accepted a position in character modeling, using it as an opportunity to build a strong 2D animation portfolio during my personal time. Although I faced some struggles breaking into the 2D animation industry, I'm now grateful to work as a director in this field. My next significant goal is to produce my own short film and eventually transition to working on a feature-length project. Wow! This is truly inspiring! Can you share with us one of your favorite projects you've worked on and what made it so special or memorable for you? One project that I'm particularly proud of is "Hypercharge" for Supercell’s Brawl Stars game, which I directed alongside Sun Creature for the trailer. Working on this project was a fulfilling experience for me because it marked my first time directing, contributing to the writing, storyboarding, composing music, providing some art direction, and handling animation. I was fortunate to collaborate with an exceptional team comprising many talented individuals. It was truly rewarding to engage in the creative process alongside such skilled professionals and to have the opportunity to develop 2D animation from scratch. For me, this project represented a significant accomplishment, as I had long harbored aspirations of working as a 2D animation director. Moreover, the positive reception from the audience was incredibly gratifying—it's always fulfilling to receive such feedback. "Hypercharge - Supercell’s Brawl Stars game" It's amazing to hear how you took on these various roles and collaborated with such a talented team to bring this project to this extraordinary result! Alex, your passion for developing 2D animated projects is truly inspiring! Now, moving on to your projects, we're intrigued by your process in creating the original short film 'Boubou' and the magical world it explores. Could you share with us what this project is about? Thank you! I initially embarked on the "Boubou" project with the aim of demonstrating my ability to direct a project from its inception. So, I began by writing the screenplay for the short film, creating storyboards, developing concept art, and so forth. I submitted the project to the CNC (Centre national du cinéma), and they provided some funding to support its development. The story revolves around a young girl named "Boubou" who undergoes a transformation examination. While she transforms flawlessly, a dispute arises among the professors regarding her eligibility for admission to the academy. Currently, I am immersed in the animation process. I have recorded the voices with the participation of all my family members, and I am diligently working to bring the project to completion. Fortunately, my good friend Romain Recher is assisting me in securing additional funding to ensure the project's successful completion. 2D animation is indeed a fantastic medium, but it undeniably entails complexity and demands a substantial amount of time and effort! "Boubou Short Movie Kickstarter Trailer" It sounds fascinating! The involvement of the whole family adds such a unique touch to the project. Please, we would love to hear more about the creative process behind bringing this enchanting story to life! I always begin by sketching rough ideas on paper. Once I have identified key moments and developed a narrative, I start writing the project. Using this written outline, I transition to TvPaint to create a storyboard. After refining the storyboard to my satisfaction, I proceed to produce an animated version to establish the timing of the project. In parallel, I conduct further research on color to define the visual aesthetic. Next, I export all the shots and commence work on the rough animation, followed by refining the details in the tie-down animation stage. Once the line work is cleaned up, my talented wife Lucie Blain applies colors to each frame. Subsequently, I focus on painting the backgrounds and animating shadows. Following this, we move on to the compositing stage, where we integrate the elements onto a timeline alongside the voiceovers, sound effects, and music. As you can see, there are numerous steps involved in the process! The level of detail and dedication in your creative process is truly remarkable! It's inspiring to witness how each step contributes to the final enchanting result. And it leads us onto the next question, facing challenges in your career, especially in making a 2D animated project on your own, must have been quite daunting. Can you share a particularly challenging experience you've encountered and how you navigated through it? The most challenging aspect is completing the project. With my current workload, I only have limited time to dedicate to the short film. Initially, I was thrilled to work on it whenever I had a spare moment, but now it's becoming more challenging. I have so many new ideas and stories I want to share with the world, but I must prioritize finishing this project before starting anything new. There's still a lot of work ahead, but despite the challenges, I remain passionate about it. The main obstacle is finding enough time to animate the shots. That's a real challenge, and facing it indeed requires patience and motivation! Regarding your other involvements, we also noticed you're taking a major part in writing children's books and pursuing a career as a professional composer for animated projects! Could you share how these projects fit into your creative journey? Additionally, how do you stay creatively inspired and motivated in your work? Yes, one of my challenges is that I'm interested in many things! I enjoy writing, composing music, and much more. I believe that exploring new areas presents a great opportunity to enhance the skills you already possess. For instance, my experience with music has taught me about rhythm. When creating a piece of music, there needs to be a balance of repetition and novelty. Repetition helps the audience grasp the melody, but too much can lead to boredom. It's about finding the right balance between familiarity and surprise, which applies to animation and storytelling as well. The same concept applies to children's books. With limited pages, we need to craft a story that engages both young children and their parents. It must be simple enough for the child to enjoy yet still interesting for the parent. If the parent dislikes the story or finds it too simplistic, they're unlikely to revisit the book. This principle also holds true for animation. Every discipline, despite its differences, contributes to improving skills in other areas. As for inspiration, I try to diversify my daily activities. I start with some work on children's books or manga, then switch to animation. I take breaks for activities like running and also spend time on music composition. This variety ensures that I'm never bored, as I'm regularly engaged in something new. Additionally, I believe that creativity is like a muscle—it grows stronger with practice. The more you exercise it, the easier it becomes to tap into your creative abilities. Practice is key. "Alex Blain : Fais Attention à Toi Grenouillette - Trailer" We LOVE the way you think! It's smart and beautiful how you manage to balance everything! And as we know, creativity is key in animation. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the animation industry? I believe I can offer two pieces of advice. Firstly, immerse yourself in the works of others—read books, watch movies, and explore creative endeavors from both the past and the present. Your mind should serve as a repository of inspiration, like a vast library. Secondly, actively engage in creative practice. This can take the form of working on projects such as children's books, short films, or illustrations. The goal is to captivate your audience and leave them intrigued by your work. Continuously strive to surprise them and evolve creatively. While it may sound straightforward, it's undoubtedly a challenging endeavor—one that requires a lifetime of dedication. In two words, Super inspiring! Reflecting on your great experience, what are some key skills or techniques that aspiring animators and artists should focus on developing? Today, it's easy to recognize the high-quality work produced by studio professionals. To stand out, you must match this level of excellence and actively share your work. Utilize platforms like Instagram and create a demo reel to showcase your talents. It's crucial to establish your presence in the industry and demonstrate your dedication to potential employers. Additionally, be receptive to feedback and embrace opportunities to learn and grow. While receiving criticism may be challenging, set aside your ego, listen to the feedback, and use it as a tool for improvement. This willingness to learn and adapt will benefit not only your career but also your personal development. "Artwork from the short movie Boubou by Alex Blain" Absolutely true words, and very wise. As we strive to spread positivity and inspiration through our work, we believe in the power of each individual's voice to make a difference! Alex, the stage is yours to illuminate the world with your message of positivity. What would you like to say? You're completely correct, and I appreciate you sharing this message! Life is undeniably beautiful, and it's up to us to determine its level of beauty. Learning to collaborate and embracing self-love are essential steps towards being able to freely love others. That's incredibly significant! We truly appreciate you for sharing your message with us and our readers, it means a lot! Finally, what exciting projects or endeavors can we look forward to from you in the future? Firstly, I'm focused on completing the Boubou short film! After that, I'm working on a manga called "Le Royaume du Roisson." ( It's a story I envision becoming a feature film in the future. However, the manga will serve as a platform to develop the story, characters, and creative universe. I have a deep passion for 2D animation, and I genuinely hope to have the chance to tell compelling stories in the future and share them with audiences! Thank you for the interview! It's truly incredible to hear about your upcoming projects! Alex, we wish you all the best as you embark on completing the Boubou short film and delve into the creation of 'Le Royaume du Roisson.' Your passion for 2D animation and storytelling is evident, and we can't wait to see the creative worlds you'll bring to life!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights and experiences with us and our readers. Your journey is inspiring, and we're grateful to have had you here for this interview. Thank you once again, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing your future successes! "Artwork from the short movie Boubou by Alex Blain" Links for Alex's Books: Fais Attention à Toi Grenouillette | Alphonse Le Petit Nuage | Papoum Email for commissions or contact: You can also find Alex Blain on social media such as : (Links) Twitter X | Instagram | Patreon Love the Interview? Let us know on the comments! Think you have something to share? Want to be featured on Four4BIT Animation Studio's Creative Spotlight? Submit for an interview right: Here And... For more exclusive interviews, news, and basically If you like our content and want to see more, don't forget to follow us on Social Media! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter X | YouTube

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