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Our Website Launch!

Updated: Apr 7

Greetings everyone!

We hope this message finds you well and in good spirits! Think of it like baking a cake, it may take a little longer than you anticipated but the end result is worth the wait. Our website will be the new "icing on the cake" of the internet, smooth, polished and always looking delicious!

In the meantime, while you wait, we suggest you start preparing your popcorn and getting your couch ready, because the wait for the "VorteX" animation series will be worth it, we promise!

In addition to the sleek and polished new look, we are also excited to announce that we have added several new features to our website. One such feature is an Investor's page, which is currently under maintenance, but will be available soon, allowing our investors to have a closer look at the progress of our projects. We have also fixed the Careers links, and the Chat option, to make it easier for you to connect with us. We can't wait for you to see the new and improved Four4BIT Animation Studio website!

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to make our website the best it can be. Trust us, it will be worth the wait!

Stay tuned for updates and we'll see you soon on the new and improved Four4BIT Animation Studio website!

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