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Anat oz - Four4bit Creative Spotlight

Updated: Jun 3

Four4BIT Creative Spotlight - Anat Oz - Gizmo Girls

Four4BIT Animation Studio is thrilled to present our latest 'Four4BIT Creative Spotlight' featuring the incredibly talented Concept Artist and Character Designer Anat Oz! With five years of experience and collaborations with top companies like The Jim Henson Company, Giant Animation, The Hive Studio and the list goes on, Anat's work continues to captivate and inspire. Today, she shares her creative journey, the personal challenges that shaped her path, and insights into her artistic process!

Hey Anat! We're thrilled to have you join us for this interview! It’s a pleasure to reconnect, especially after your outstanding work as a Character Designer on our project "VorteX"! Now, we have the exciting opportunity to explore your remarkable journey in the animation world. Thank you for being here!

Anat, with five years in the industry, your achievements are seriously noteworthy! We're thrilled to learn more! What motivated you to pursue a career in animation and how did get started in the industry?

Four4BIT Creative Spotlight - Anat Oz

Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out to me for an interview. I am truly honored and grateful to hear that you appreciate my work. It means a lot to me, and I'm excited about the opportunity to discuss it further with you.

As a child, I was always captivated by cartoons. I've spent so many hours watching my favorite Disney movies over and over. I remember “borrowing” (permanently) The Little Mermaid from my cousin, for me it was like pure magic. I used to grab some papers from my dad’s office to doodle my favorite cartoon characters such as ‘Alfred Jodocus Kwak’, ‘Samurai Pizza Cats’, ‘Dennis The Menace’ and ‘Inspector Gadget’ and all the classic animation series that were broadcast on TV at the time, and later on, I fell in love with ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and used to sketch its beloved characters. As a student, I would sit quietly and draw during all school hours and children would ask me to draw them. so it was always a significant part of my life.

Once I discovered that animation and character design could be a profession, I enrolled in Tel-Hai College near Metulla, Israel. After an intensive three-and-a-half-year program, I earned my associate degree in animation and film. I dedicated an entire year at home to working on my final film for the degree, an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience!

However, my time in school brought me to the conclusion that I am less interested in making animation but more in creating art for animation. I appreciate to no end the patience of the people who are able to create animation, for me it is simply amazing.

After graduation, I lacked clear direction, but I reached out to professionals in the Israeli art industry, attended illustration sessions, and diligently honed my artistic skills at home. These experiences formed the bedrock of my career as an artist. I began as a freelance concept artist for game companies and later expanded my collaborations to include animation studios, creating commercials and music videos.

Wow, Anat! Your willpower and determination to engage in the field are truly inspiring. Considering that concept and character design seem to come naturally to you, it's amazing to discover that it wasn't so clear to you from the beginning. Your journey shows incredible perseverance and passion. It's truly amazing! How did your experience in the animation industry align with your expectations?

The answer varies significantly depending on the project and workplace. In some instances, my experiences fell short of my expectations. However, I was fortunate to be involved in several exciting projects that exceeded my hopes. These opportunities allowed me to meet and collaborate with some of the most talented and kind individuals in the industry, making the journey both enjoyable and rewarding.

Artwork from the upcoming series - Gizmo Girls - Anat Oz

"Artwork from the upcoming series - Gizmo Girls - (Anat Oz)"

It sounds like you've had a diverse range of experiences, and now, it must be very exciting to find a workspace that meets your expectations! Would you mind sharing some of your favorite collaborations or projects you've worked on and what made them so special or memorable for you?

Working for Giant Animation in Ireland holds a special place in my heart, as it marked my first experience working on a large-scale project with a team of incredibly talented artists from around the world. Collaborating daily to create art was truly delightful, and meeting my colleagues in person at the studio on Halloween added an extra layer of joy to the experience. I am incredibly fortunate that the team at Giant placed their trust in me and welcomed me aboard to collaborate with them. I am endlessly grateful!

I'm excited to share that I can release my artwork after November, coinciding with the premiere of the "Evergreen Hills" series!

Before joining Giant Animation, I was approached by Anne-Marie Asner, Co-Founder of Animation Israel organization and Founder of ‘Matzah Ball Books’, with an incredible opportunity to collaborate with The Jim Henson Company. She invited me to design characters for an upcoming series they were producing, “Gizmo Girls”. Thrilled by the prestigious offer, I eagerly began working on the project immediately! Working alongside Anne-Marie is an absolute delight. Her warm demeanor, coupled with her genuine kindness and boundless energy, elevates the entire experience to something truly exceptional. I wholeheartedly endorse collaborating with her, as it promises to be a memorable and fulfilling journey. (Still waiting for the sushi!)

Among my experiences with Henson and Giant, it was an honor to collaborate with Elad (Four4BIT Animation Studio) on a special project he initiated, "VorteX!". I cannot emphasize enough how delightful he is; truly one of the kindest individuals I've encountered in this industry. He is endlessly supportive and always ready to lend a hand when needed. Working with him is an absolute pleasure!

Prior to joining Anne-Marie, I served as a Lineart background designer at The Hive Studio, contributing to Adam Yaniv's series 'Summer Memories'. Engaging in the production process proved both challenging and fulfilling, playing a pivotal role in my professional development. What made this experience truly memorable was my profound connection to the series' narrative and humor. 'Summer Memories' is not just a series; it's a journey worth embarking on, promising moments of laughter, nostalgia, and heartfelt emotion.

"Summer Memories - Trailer - Created by Adam Yaniv - The Hive Studio"

Wow! It's truly heartwarming to hear about your wonderful experiences and meaningful collaborations. We're super excited to see the "Evergreen Hills" and Gizmo Girls series when they premiere! And your work on "Summer Memories" sounds profoundly impactful! Also, thank you for your kind words! It was truly a pleasure working with you on 'VorteX' series! The pleasure was all ours, and your kind words mean so much to us and to me personally. Your talent and dedication to the role were evident throughout the project, the result is stunning, and we can't wait to work together again in the future!

Now, reflecting on your extensive experience and insightful perspective, what are some key skills or techniques that aspiring character designers or artists aiming to the animation industry should focus on developing?

As an artist, your goal goes beyond character design; it involves capturing the essence of life through careful observation and understanding. Experimentation is key; while mastering one style is good, being versatile is essential for meeting industry demands. Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you grow and thrive in various artistic styles.

As character designers, you'll often need to create sketches in different styles during the early stages of production to discover the project's style. This requires a broad knowledge of many styles.

"Anat Oz - Artwork from Captivating and Dynamic Character Creation Course by Jackie Droujko"

Studying ‘Anatomy’ (of humans and animals) is also recommended to design characters that feel accurate and convincing in any style. Even the most cartoonish styles are based on real life, so it's important to be aware of that.

One of the key things a good character designer needs to know is how to create a character turnaround. I myself struggle with this, and don't always succeed. The level of precision varies depending on the production; in 2D animation, it's possible to make minor adjustments to maximize appeal, but in CG production, there's no room for such changes.

Knowing how to give and receive criticism! It's so important in our industry. Ultimately, everyone works as a team to produce the best work possible, so knowing how to give and receive criticism is crucial.

Furthermore, knowing how to be a team player who communicates positively, pleasantly, and professionally not only contributes to the overall atmosphere but also helps to get the best out of the project. We're all human, so it's important to behave kindly and considerately.

Thanks for sharing such valuable advices! It's very deep, precise and comprehensive! Regarding that, what keeps you creatively inspired and motivated in your work? How do you stay creatively inspired and motivated in your work?

What keeps me inspired in my work is discovering art that excites me! Searching for references is a crucial part of the process, often leading to new ideas. Doodling also plays a significant role; letting go of perfectionism and simply drawing whatever comes to mind can be random, but it’s an effective way to overcome the infamous 'art block'.

Taking courses from artists I admire fills me with motivation. I always feel there's so much to learn, and it's rewarding to look back after a while and see the progress. Some of the courses I've taken recently include "Captivating and Dynamic Character Creation" by Jackie Droujko - and right now, I'm enrolled in "The Silver Drawing Academy" by Stephen Silver.

Taking breaks is essential to keep things fresh and also prevents burnouts. Experiencing life, seeing the world, and having a nice chat with fellow artists always helps.

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - An exercise from The Silver Drawing Academy"

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - An exercise from The Silver Drawing Academy"

That sounds like a fantastic approach to staying creatively inspired and motivated! As we know, creativity is essential in roles like Character Design. Building on that, what advice would you give to someone just starting out as a Character Designer?

I wish there were a guidebook for everyone finishing their studies and taking their first steps in their career - it would be incredibly helpful! I highly recommend networking: Simply reach out to professionals who specialize in character design for advice or feedback on your portfolio. This can be very beneficial both professionally and personally, so don’t be shy - send that message!

"Anat Oz - Artwork from Captivating and Dynamic Character Creation Course by Jackie Droujko"

Keep drawing constantly, and attend life drawing sessions at least once a week. Speaking from my own experience I saw a significant improvement in my drawing skills and understanding of anatomy during the times I attended (and yes, I should follow my own advice :) ). It's also a great opportunity to meet other artists, build connections, and enjoy the process.

And I must emphasize the enjoyment part because if you don't enjoy the process, in my opinion, it's not worth it. Over time, you will gain experience, and it's okay to take your time and learn. You'll see that you will become much more confident in yourself.

Additionally, when you feel like nothing is going right and you're exhausted, take a break. Meet up with friends who lift your spirits and have some fun. It's important to balance work and personal life; when this balance is disrupted, it can lead to intrusive thoughts and accumulated fatigue.

Organizing structured working hours is crucial as it helps clear your mind and contributes to more orderly and effective work.

And if you find yourself struggling and thinking you're not good enough, I can reassure you: once you set a goal and work towards it every day - such as becoming an outstanding designer - it will happen. It's just a matter of time and practice.

"Anat Oz - Artwork from The Silver Drawing Academy by Stephen Silver

Love the motivating vibes, and everything you mentioned is super important! Thank you for sharing with us! Now, drawing from your inspiring journey, we all encounter challenges in our careers. Can you share a particularly challenging experience you've encountered and how you navigated through it?

Shortly after I started my career as an artist, unfortunately, my dad suffered a stroke, and in April 2019, he passed away. This event shook me in every way possible. The realization that my father passed away unexpectedly and prematurely knocked me off my feet and caused me great suffering.

I remember that while he was hospitalized, I worked on a specific project from home, often working into the early hours of the morning, almost constantly. I felt like that was all I was capable of doing, yet at the same time, I also felt incapable.

I was in a very sensitive and vulnerable state, and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have people around who truly love and support you during such difficult times — something I didn't had at all, unfortunately.

The events and environment directly impacted my work and professional relationships. I couldn't always work, and people didn't always understand.

I did what I could at the time, simply continued and let time do its thing. I held onto things that made me feel good, even if they were few. The inner knowing that my dad was always proud of me and my work sustained me for a long time.

I remember that as a child, he proudly displayed my scribbled drawings in his office. They weren't particularly successful, but in his eyes, they were the best there was. I especially remember a drawing of a pink bunny that hung directly above his computer screen. He always believed in me, and even when there wasn't much money, he still supported me with my education at Tel-Hai.

Even if this event didn't necessarily happen within a work context, it definitely influenced and taught me a lot about life. Today, I understand much more the importance of taking care of yourself and, if necessary, taking breaks. While it's worthwhile, it's not always possible to separate personal life from work. We are all humans and greatly influenced by our surroundings, and we need to take that into account.

Therefore, I emphasize that it's incredibly important to be kind to others. We can't know what they're going through in their personal lives. It also feels much better when we conduct ourselves in a pleasant and respectful manner.

First of all, we're sorry for your loss. What you've shared is a truly powerful message and a reminder to be more tolerant and sensitive to our environment, to lend a hand, or even just a kind word to somebody, to listen to them, because sometimes, as humans, we focus solely on fulfilling a 'mission', and unfortunately, we tend to forget that we are dealing with souls. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and our readers. We know it's not an easy thing to do, but we also believe that by sharing, it's a huge mission in itself, for you and for others who can be influenced by it! We appreciate that very much! Speaking about influence, as we strive to spread positivity and inspiration through our work, we believe in the power of each individual's voice to make a difference! Anat, the stage is yours to illuminate the world with your message of positivity. What would you like to say?

I find it truly remarkable and I'm immensely grateful to you for this exceptional chance to spread light and positivity, especially during these times. It's crucial to always remember, regardless of the circumstances, that there is abundant love in the world; we just need to know where to look. Be kind to yourselves and to others. A simple smile or a kind word has the power to create a significant impact.

Artwork - Anat Oz Character Design

That's an amazing message! Thank you for sharing it with us! And finally, what exciting projects or endeavors can we look forward to from you in the future?

I'm eager to work on an awesome animation series or movie! Currently, I'm available for offers, so let's get started! :)

Anat, thank you immensely for sharing your journey, insights, and positive energy with us in such an open and inspiring way! Your resilience, talent, and kindness shine through in everything you do, motivating us all to reach for our dreams and spread positivity! As you embark on new adventures in animation, know that your light brightens the world around you. We eagerly await the premieres of "Evergreen Hills" and Gizmo Girls, as well as the magic you'll create in your future projects. Keep shining, and thank you for being such an incredible inspiration to us all! To anyone reading this, we wholeheartedly recommend Anat for any creative project - her dedication, skill, and passion are truly unmatched!

Artwork from the upcoming series - Gizmo Girls - Anat Oz

"Artwork from the upcoming series - Gizmo Girls - (Anat Oz)"

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